This is a list of all the people I have traded with.


Good Traders

Username Real Name Location Trades Website E-mail Details
Juho Montonen Finland 3 View
Nicolas Doyen France 1 View
Aleister666 Miguel Bolivia 11 View
ALMV Russia 2 View
Archean Francisco Brazil 1 View
Ballix Wayne Mc Donnell Ireland 1 Website View
bbuk Phil Cole United Kingdom 1 View
Carlos Cortés Chile 2 Website View
Chmetal Christophe France 13 Website View
ChrisL/Vandorn Christoph Lienert Switzerland 1 View
ChrisTheMetalist Chris Sweden 1 View
davod25 David O'Donnell Scotland 2 View
Docperchut Jean-Baptiste Appert France 1 Website View
Dr Demonic Christian Germany 7 Website View
Fodphil Phil Greenwood United Kingdom 6 Website View
fury_of_blind René Chile 6 Website View
gpl2013 Mick United States 1 View
HellfireGab Gabriele Berardi Italy 7 View
Holy84 Stefan G. Germany 2 View
hospital29 Matthias Hoffmann Germany 3 View
incredible gergor Jan Germany 2 Website View
IronPaddy Neil Parks United Kingdom 2 View
Jederlacht Czech Republic 1 Website View
Kawkaz Eran Maccaby United States 1 View
KonzertLiebe Germany 2 Website View
Laurent Cazin France 1 View
leomet_2000 Leandro Vera Argentina 1 View
LM Leandro Martins Brazil 1 View
LordOfPain Portugal 1 Website View
LPMaskMan Lukácsi Lőrinc Hungary 1 View
m9 Michael Sommer Germany 1 View
Madness Germany 4 View
maidengsy Andy England 1 View
Mats666 Mats Larsson Sweden 6 View
Mercenary Guilherme Mercenary Brazil 3 View
Milano Mosh Karl Rainer Italy 4 View
Navigator Dejan Australia 2 Website View
Nazgûl Esp Honduras 1 View
Neoplasmah Vitor Portugal 9 Website View
Nightquest Bernado Tapioca Brazil 5 Website View
NoRemorse Santos Spain 4 Website View
pauleira71 Paulo Peterson Brazil 4 Website View
pepemaiden Jose Osona Spain 7 View
Pigru Roberto Polo Spain 1 Website View
Pinguin United States 1 Website View
PLG44 Pierre France 1 Website View
retwas Robin Valtot France 2 Website View
Revontulet Spain 2 View
Scabbyman Da Ni Germany 2 View
Shiffer Martjin Schipdam The Netherlands 1 View
SteveHunter John Miles Scotland 3 View
stoeff Stefan Jung Germany 1 View
Stormbringer Niclas Johansson Sweden 2 View
Taranis Patrice France 1 Website View
Tezcatlipoca Ilkka Tuominen Finland 4 View
ThrashTilDeath Steve Garnier England 1 Website View
Tom Tom Raughton United States 1 View

Bad Traders

Username Real Name Location Trades Website E-mail Details
Tentro Finland 1 Website View

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