Audio Recordings

4 May 2002
The Bottom Line
Nagoya, Japan
2 CDs
68:01 / 68:19

CD 1:
Edguy Support act
Aresius Words / In Tenebris
Knightrider Of Doom
Emerald Sword
The March Of The Swordmaster
Wisdom Of The Kings

CD 2:
Legendary Tales
Land Of Immortals
Lamento Eroico
Holy Thunderforce
Drum Solo
Bass Solo
The Village Of Dwarves
The Wizards Last Rhymes
Lux Triumphans
Dawn Of Victory
Power Of The Dragonflame
...The Legends Ends
Outro (Wings Of Destiny)

Edguy Support Act:
Fallen Angels
Edguy Tears Of A Mandrake
Wake Up The Kings
Headless Game
Until We Rise Again
Painting On The Wall
Vain Glory Opera
...The Legend Begins

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Back Cover Artwork

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