Audio Recordings

Iron Maiden
13 July 1996
Bospop Festival
Weerts, The Netherlands
The X-factour
2 CDs

CD 1:
Man On The Edge
Heaven Can Wait
Lord Of The Flies
Fortunes Of War
Blood On The World's Hands
Afraid To Shoot Strangers
The Evil That Men Do
The Aftermath
Sign Of The Cross
2 Minutes To Midnight
CD 2:
Fear Of The Dark
The Clairvoyant
Iron Maiden
The Number Of The Beast
Hallowed Be Thy Name
The Trooper
Running Free

The Boys Are Back In Town (#)
With A Little Help From My Friends (#)
Rythm Of The Beast (@)
Beehive Boogie (@)
2 Minutes To Midnight (+)
Caught Somewhere In Time (+)

(#) Wembley Arena, London, UK 05.11.1987 featuring Marillion
(@) Previously Unreleased
(+) Bristol, UK 08.10.1986
Blaze Or Glory

Front Cover Artwork